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The NYC Transportation Tolls

Dataset : Daily Traffic on Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Bridges and Tunnels

Source : NYC Open Data

Timeseries data indicating the daily tolls are the various bridges & tunnels connecting to NYC
Begin : 01/01/2010
End 07/19/2014

I have filtered it to end at 06/30/2014 to remove the partial month of July 2014

The data in image below has been summarized at monthly level.  Overall, the Tolls paid in cash have reduced whereas usage of EZ pass has increased across the board for all the bridges, plazas & tunnels.For the tolls paid in cash, there is a clear seasonality. The peaks happen in the month of July after which there is a downward cycle until the month of February when it starts to go higher. (Dec2012 however seems to be an anomaly to that)EZ Pass tolls also have a seasonality. In this case however, the downward trend starts from October onwards and then resumes an uptick a…
Batsmen Clustering | One Day Internationals 2014

Data Source  : ESPN Cric Info. Key Stats for Batsmen for the Year 2014

 Mat - Matches; Inns - Innings; NO - Not Outs, HS - High Score; Ave - Average
 # of 100's , 50's Ducks, Fours & Sixes

PlayerMatInnsNORunsHSAveBFSR1005004s6sKC Sangakkara (SL)28281125612846.51143287.704821364AD Mathews (SL)3231111244139*62.20139189.4319011123V Kohli (India)212021054139*58.55105899.624519420TM Dilshan (SL)2525199010141.25116085.341701291HM Amla (SA)18181892122*52.47110780.57520815AB de Villiers (SA)16164879136*73.25768114.452608014JE Root (Eng)2322287211343.60111378.34331559DPMD Jayawardene (SL)2727184611832.53103281.97161884S Dhawan (India)1818181511347.9494286.511609014F du Plessis (SA)1515079012652.6689288.563406015AJ Finch (Aus)1818079012143.8894084.044327813KS Williamson (NZ)1212177012370.0088487.10170665AM Rahane (India)2424076811132.0094581.262428210Q de Kock (SA)1919174112841.1682090.36240819Mushfiqur Rahim (Ban)18171