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Back In Action

Its been quiet some time since my last post.  A lot going on since this past February/March time frame..Relocated to SFO Bay Area, new job, travelling, family. Hence the long period of silence while I was still settling in..Anyways, back to business

So, the data-set I am gonna be working with is the New York City Taxi and Limousine data that was made public courtesy the FOIL request by Chris Whong.

The data-set contains daily trip and fare information for each and every trip within 2013. Some of the fields of interest that I will be exploring are trip origination and destination geo-coordinates, pickup and drop-off times, Tip, payment method, trip distance, trip time.

Luckily, a pretty clean data-set with almost no missing values and very few outliers. For the calculations, data aggregation,s and geo-spatial analysis, I used Alteryx and then pushed the outputs as Tableau data extracts to build visualizations.

So lets get rolling..

1. Rela…