Geoplotting Twitter Users can get creepy

So, about 3-4% of people on average seem to Tweet with their geo-coordinates on the mobile devices turned on. Thanks to Google street view and ggmap package, that information can be precious to someone running a marketing campaign, new retail store opening, happy hours at bar/restaurant, or someone who is very curious .

Around Black Friday 2013, I started getting a tweet grab of people tweeting with #Blackfriday, #Blackfriday 2013deals to do some trend and sentiment analysis of major brands like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sony, Dell etc.

As I started to dig deeper to see people who were constantly tweeting good/bad with co-ordinates turned on, I saw this user close to Gainesville, Florida who was tweeting almost every 5 minutes. At the street map level, I could  see this person stopping at stores like Kohls, Walmart, BestBuy and talking about deals. Then I saw some tweets coming from a residential address about finally reaching home, how much shopping the user did, what door busters the user was able to make through etc.. 

At the street view map, I could clearly see the  house (if not accurate, still very much in the proximity), cars parked etc.

Starts getting creepy if you think about how easy it is to track someone with the information people share. I wont post the street view map since its not appropriate, but here is a terrain level map of the US showing the origination of tweets.


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