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Followup to Superbowl Tweets

Comparison Cloud

I classified the tweets on the basis of hashtags as either Bronco or Seahawk fans

Bronco Fans :    #GoBroncos","#BroncosNation","#BroncosFan","#GoManning","#PeytonManningRocks", "#BroncosWin"

Seahawk Fans: 

Broncos Fan Tweets  Geo-plot                                                 

Seahawk Fan Tweets  Geo-plot 

Tweet Sentiment Comparison

I took a rolling mean of 100 tweets for Broncos & Seahawk fans. The excitement of Broncos fans was pretty short lived and as the game progressed, that blue line for Seahawks consistently showed a better sentiment score than the red line for Broncos. 

By the end of the game, there were rapid spurts tweets with Broncos hash tags that were loaded with negative words and the red line tells that story.


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