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Twitter Streaming Visualizations !! #AAM, #AAMAADMI, #JANTADARBAR

Back Again...Quiet a few things going on @ work, family etc....

Anyways, so I got inspired by André Panisson's awesome visualization of the Egypt revolution     from the Twitter feeds using Gephi and Python.  Made some changes to his version of the code to model the nodes and edges slightly differently. I have uploaded the video on Youtube, and here is the link :

It is a directed social graph where each blue sphere is a Twitter ID and the edge between them is a re-tweet.  Incoming arrows on a node signifies that node's tweet was re-tweeted  by the node from there the edge originated. 

I am using Force Atlas Visualization.

Twitter Search on : #AAM, #AAMAADMI, #JANTADARBAR on Jan 10 early in the morning when Arvind Kejriwal was holding the rally that ended in a chaos. (For those who don't know the context of AAM AADMI, its a newly formed ruling party in Delhi lead by @Arvind Kejriwal